Involving a creative blend of conversation, teaching, and music-making, A Cross Between's informances are a special way to communicate and build partnerships. We want your artists, leaders, and congregation members to own any new ideas we generate. So, we'll come to your sanctuary or worship space, pull up some chairs or a spot on the floor, get out our instruments, and explore music for worship together. Possible topics? Here are a few (we'll also develop custom informances to meet your specific needs):

  • Style: God’s Blessed Creation, Our Potential Worst Enemy!
    This informance is especially geared for those who want to address and minimize the “worship wars,” while fostering good relations between differing musical viewpoints.
  • Hymns, Songs, and Spiritual Songs
    This is a spin-off of A Cross Between in concert, and works beautifully as an informance. We sing and play all kinds of musical forms—a healthy blend of all the best—while exploring God's truth, Biblical and other texts, and their appropriate uses, and we do it together in a group setting. We can follow this informance with a corporate worship service led by your own worship artists.
  • Artist Training
    The church is filled with all levels of musical artists. Many are capable musicians, some come with just a heart to serve, and some have both qualities. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can offer your choir, music team, worship band, soloists, keyboard players, organists, readers, and dramatists cohesive hands-on help in planning and executing worship. This training can and should include pastors and "platform" people who want to develop a better understanding of the dramatic aspects of worship.

Covering a broad range of topics, we present informative teachings on matters that will enliven and educate both lay artists and church leaders. It’s often those on the platform—worship leaders, musicians, and other artists—who need nourishment and expertise in the following:

  • Knowing the Word – Thinking Correctly, Talking Clearly
    Using Ephesians 5 as a springboard, we explore the need for grace and care among musicians and worship leaders. This seminar also discusses the use and meaning of “buzz” words, which are often filled with emotion and can lead to misunderstandings. Many folks don’t even know how to define worship! We help everyone come to a mutual understanding of the term, based on Biblical examples.
  • Emergent Worship Arts
    This seminar is a must for every church seeking to understand artists, build new programs, explore diversity, and embrace a broad view of the dramatic and musical gifts expressed in worship. Using Tom Long’s “church of the third way” theory, we round-table discuss what key ingredients of a worship service lead to growth and maturity among all participants.
  • Culture or Conflict?
    Many church leaders are promoting the idea that worship should reflect our culture—to help congregations feel comfortable with the church and not like they’re aliens in a strange land! This idea has some merit, but it needs to be discussed and owned with dignity and grace. A Cross Between believes there are elements of modern day culture that can influence what we do, but we also believe it is essential to maintain a sensitive balance between “cutting edge” ideas and time-honored ideals that are foundational to the church. Let’s talk about it!


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