Here are a few selected comments about A Cross Between from friends, customers, and fans. We're grateful for each one of you!

Dear Ron and Cynthia,
We just want to say again what a great blessing your ministry brought to our congregation. People are still talking about your performance of Ken Medema and Bruce Greer's Miracles and Mysteries. The pointed yet poignant text alone is soul stirring, but the passionate music drove the words right into our hearts and minds. The fusion of your immense musical talent and your spiritual understanding of the message magnify the powerful truth of miracles in scripture. This event has truly "moved us to a more profound Alleluia".

In Christ,

Bob Bergquist, Senior Pastor
Rick Kopituk, Minister of Music

Yo Ron, I understand now why you are so excited about Miracles and Mysteries... The music is magnificent, the text is powerful and I have never heard you so much at home in presenting music that is you using your heart, with variety of vocal modes interspered with excellence on the strings. What a gift from God you have to share with many encourage new be encouraged. Let it rip! Look forward to the impact at Pilgrim Pines.

Chuck <>
Swanzey, NH USA

I love your art, your music is inspiring, and I greatly appreciate our friendship

David Lemon <>
Sarasota, Florida USA

Great ministry and website! Keep up the good work. I loved the video.

Matt Dobschuetz <>
Evanston, IL USA

I appreciate your ministry so much. The Body of Christ needs more artists who grasp the relationship between passionate worship, rich theology and healing. Art is about so much more than "what sounds nice." It is about portraying what is deeply human and authentically divine. Miracles and Mysteries invites us to join you on a journey of discovering Jesus. I'm thankful I accepted the offer! I hope and pray that many more will. Thanks, Ron and Cynthia, and may God bless this ministry.

Steve Engstrom <>
Kenosha, WI USA

What a magnificent website!! This is an honest depiction of your professionalism, superb musical expertise, and brilliant performance style!! Congratulataions on the debut of The Miracles and Mysteries concert! It remains a winning combination between Ken Medema's and Bruce Greer's creative genius, along with your musical giftedness and incredible finesse in transmitting the divine message of John's gospel. The blessings of this concert are magnanimous! It simply is a must see!!

Marlyn Cook <>
Waukegan, Ill USA

I've now had the great pleasure of hearing "Miracles and Mysteries" in two settings: a large hall with complete orchestra, and a small, parlor-like venue. A Cross Between's sound is fresh, both intricate and intimate. Their artistry is of a calibre not normally reached for in contemporary Christian music.

Jenny Hart <>
Chicago, IL

What an absolute blessing your CD "Miracles and Mysteries" is!  The text, the music, and the performance have just blended so well that it is one of the most complete, passionate, stirring works of music I have ever heard.  It's already brought tears to my eyes, and laughter and wonder to my soul.  There are so many facets to each song that they can be heard over and over again without tiring of them, which is fantastic.  I can't wait to get some more money in the bank so I can purchase copies for my family...and I don't think I can wait until Christmas to give them away!

Jennifer Schmitt <>
Zion, IL USA

Excellent website! But hearing the "real thing" ---Ron and Cynthia---is even better---much, much better! May this be the start of a fantastic new ministry and may 2004 prove to be your best year ever! Every blessing to you both! ---Dan Neidermyer

Lancaster, PA USA


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