Transcending the Worship Debate
For years now there have been two fundamental camps when it comes to worship music—contemporary and traditional—and oftentimes the two never mix. We believe such distinctions are limiting. A Cross Between offers a fresh approach, embracing the richness of God’s diversity to encourage a new kind of listening. Are we classical? Yes. Are we contemporary? Yes. Are we traditional? Yes. Are we for the young or for the old? Both. Asking such questions is one way people tend to box in art and gravitate toward what they know and like. A Cross Between encourages you to come out of the box and explore new territory. Let the one priority of your listening journey be to seek truth. Beyond that, just enjoy and revel in God’s magnificent diversity!

Bridging the Gaps
Recently, while performing at a college chapel in Minneapolis, it occurred to us that the students and their professors needed to hear some revolutionary truth: when it comes to worship, church leaders and musicians are not laying out for them the full spread of the Lord’s great feast! Instead, they are offering up a steady diet of sameness in the belief that doing so is culturally inviting and correct. As a result, another generation is missing out on the full richness of expression that God created so that everyone may worship Him in spirit and truth. At the same time, churches remain divided between young and old, contemporary and traditional, rock and classical. Why must it be either/or? Why not both/and? God loves variety. Why shouldn’t we?

Finding a Common Focus
A Cross Between invites you to expand your mind and open your heart through styles that are married to truth-telling. If a rock beat sells a certain lyric best—we use it! If a serene classical violin tune best ushers us into silence—we play it! If a jazz chorus gets the congregation clapping its hands in praise—we sing it! If a tried and true hymn text from early church history perfectly brings home the point—we preach it! Composer Bryan Jeffrey Leech once said, “Worship should be reflective of heaven. The gifts of God’s people should be displayed like a smorgasbord fit for a King!” We say, “Amen!” to that. Our motto, “If done with excellence and integrity—it’s all good!” reflects both our inclusive, professional approach and our focus on honest relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. In listening to our artistry, we hope you will find new truths, old wisdom, and enriching healing for the soul.


Established in 1981, A Cross Between is the husband and wife team of Ron and Cynthia Arden. We both hold advanced degrees in music arts and, between us, have over 50 years of professional experience. For twenty-five years, God has used us to bless audiences coast to coast with skilled musicianship, dramatic performances, and innovative style.

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A Cross Between makes musical kaleidoscopes for worship and the concert stage in churches, colleges, and other venues, both Christian and secular. We custom-tailor concerts to meet the needs of your congregation, organization, or school. Our richly textured performances engage the heart and enrich the soul.

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Workshops and Consultation

We are not only experienced performers, but passionate teachers with the desire and expertise to impart the knowledge and wisdom we’ve acquired as professional musicians working both in and out of the church. A Cross Between offers custom-designed workshops and master classes for students, worship leaders, and others interested in learning from our experience. We also work personally with church leaders and musicians to develop new programs, teach new styles, and/or help introduce blended worship elements into your service.

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